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Hey! I'm Zuse and welcome to this collector's site that I made for vintage Littlest Pet Shop. These hamsters I use as my avatar are the first LPS I ever owned! Aren't they cute? I really hope you enjoy the information and pictures on this web page! Hopefully they will help you to ID and organize your collection of these wonderful childhood toys. This site would not be possible without the information that was collected on Tabby's List to use as my starting point. If you have any more information about Vintage LPS not included here or would like to donate pictures/have yours removed contact me through e-mail.

Fans of the Littlest Pet Shop are also usually familiar with Kenner's Baby Buddies. Check out the guide I made for them Here! Also, Sarafina has created a forum exclusively for vintage LPS lovers, so be sure to check it out and join Here!

Please note that this is a reference site. I don't own most of these toys and none are for sale. I'd recommend eBay/secondhand stores/etc.

Littlest Pet ShopLittlest Pet Shop ZooSparkling PoniesDazzling Hair PetsCountry Fun Pets
Ready To Go Pets
Pet Presents
Cozy Home Pets
Mommy and Babies
Li'l Paw Prints Pets
Pet Shop Playset
Ready To Go Pets
Pet Presents
Cozy Home Pets
Pal Around Pups
Care Center Playset
Pet Shop Playset
Chatter Pets
My Real Pets
Kennel Playcase
Pets on the Move!
Star Styles Pet Salon
Pup'n Kitty Clubs
Dressed'n Ready Pets

Keep Me Safe Pets
Zoo Nursery Pets
Zoo Playful Ponies
Zoo Wilderness Pets
Foreign Zoo Pet Variations
Zoo Keep Me Safe Pets
Zoo Play With Me Pets
Zoo Playset
Sparkling Ponies
Sparkling Pony Pairs
Sparkling Pony Pairs
Sparkling Pony Babies
Pony 'N Pet Stable Playset
Fancy Curls Friends
Fancy Curls Carousel Playset
Plush Dazzling Hair Pets *Updated*
Fancy Curls Friends
Magical Hideaway Pets
Royal Palace Ponies
Mini Surprise Pets
Country Garden Nursery Playset
Newborn Families
Country Home Carrycase Playset
Newborn Families
Easter Exclusive (Target)
Splashtime PetsSparkling PetsBeethoven's 2ndExclusive Offers

Splashtime Pets
Shimmering MerPets
Sparkling Pets
Sparkling Pets
Sparkling Pond Pets
Beethoven's 2nd

Mail Order Pets/Toy Fair (US)
Party Kit Offer (UK)
Charms (US)
Charms (France/Greece)
Paw Print Club (US)
Sea World
Sea World Stars
The Shamu Family Playset
Splash Zone Deluxe Playset
Accessory GuidesMini Surprise FamiliesJewel PetsThe Cartoon SeriesOther
Brushes and Combs *Updated*
Food Dishes
Pony Hair Decorations
Home Sweet Homes
Hiding Places
Jewel Pets
Episode List
Videos (VHS)
Pet Shop Antics
Tree House Gang
Take Along Pets (Plush)
Tea Set
Puzzles / Board Game
Happy Meal
Stickerbook (Merlin)
Other Merchandise
Japanese Variations *Updated*
Oddities / Imposters!
Frolicking Friends (1999) *Updated*
Wacky Pet Keepers

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Littlest Pet Shop™ Also Known As:
• Pet Shop Des Petits • Pet Shop Diminuto • Tienda de Animalitos • El Mundo De Las Peque Mascotas • Mes Tout Petits Amis • Mijn Kleine Dierenvriendjes • Meine Kleine Tierwelt • Cucciolandia • маленький зоомагазин • ちいさなペットやさん •

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