Pet Shop Playset

Name of Set Pet Description Playset and Accessory Description Action
Pet Shop Playset
  • Yellow and pink lovebirds with black eyes perched on brown branch; blue collar with silver paw-print*

  • Yellow and pink lovebirds with blue eyes perched on brown branch; pink collar with silver paw-print*

    Note: Both Lovebirds are permanently attached to the base of the cage

  • Blue plastic carrying case with purple carry handle and slide latches
  • Plastic pink and lavender striped awning
  • Blue plastic shelves (5) and dividers (2)
  • Purple plastic large window frame
  • Large clear plastic window
  • Purple plastic small window frame
  • Small clear plastic window
  • Cardboard window scene (cut from box) [Scan]

  • Violet and blue plastic bird cage top
  • Yellow bird cage base (with birds)
  • Purple plastic counter
  • Blue plastic cash register
  • Large purple plastic box
  • Large yellow plastic box
  • Small purple plastic box
  • Small blue plastic box
  • Blue plastic can
  • Two (2) yellow plastic cans
  • Purple plastic can
  • Yellow plastic bone-shaped brush
  • Purple plastic leash
  • Blue plastic collar
  • Red food/water dish with dark brown food
  • Green food dish with light brown food
  • Label sheet
  • Instructions [PDF]
  • "Your very own LITTLEST PET SHOP comes with love birds that really kiss!"

  • "Holds all LITTLEST PET SHOP animals and their homes."

  • "Activate Lovebirds by sliding lever on cage bottom."

  • "Littlest Pet Shop™ toys fit inside playset for convenient storage."

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