Pets on the Move!™

"Let the games begin! You've never seen such fun-loving, game-playing little pets as these. Your PETS ON THE MOVE™ are always full of high spirits and hi-jinks. With fun-filled surroundings and magical actions they want to play, play, play all day--can you keep up with them?"

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Action
Hop'n Hide Bunnies™
  • White bunny with black patches and fluffy tail; silver paw-print on neck
  • Gold bunny; lavender collar with blue paw-print
  • White bunny; blue collar with blue paw-print
  • Green garden platform with tunnel running underneath it
  • Purple house
  • Blue basket of orange carrots
  • White brush
  • One orange carrot
  • "Bunnies "Hop", Wiggle Tail, or Hide!"
  • "Yummy! Carrots are tail-waggin' good. Rub this one on bunny's tummy and he happily wags his fluffy tail."
  • "Make bunny's cottontail as fluffy as can be with his own little brush!"
  • "This hippity-hoppity bunny with the floppy ears really makes tracks! With a flick of your finger down his tail, he does a little bunny "hop" on the table."
  • "Where's the littlest bunny hiding? Slip this bunny down the rabbit hole, then pluck the right carrot and out of the garden and up he comes. What a funny bunny!"

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Action
Garden Tag Pets™
  • Cream and gold kitty with gold hair on top of head; purple collar with silver paw-print
  • Fluffy gray and white dog with pink flower on top of head; pale blue collar with silver paw-print
  • Blue bird with outstretched wings; yellow collar with silver paw-print

  • The puppy photographed for the box has a yellow flower on its head. This was apparently a prototype version.
  • Also, the US version only came with one blue bird. The non-US versions came with two blue birds - the one listed above and another with its wings folded against its body.
  • Peach house on grassy platform with purple roof
  • White shelter with yellow straw on top of roof for bird
  • Pink birdbath on round grassy platform*
  • Yellow three-dish food dish
  • Pink comb*

    *Birdbath and comb should be the same color pink
  • "Kitty and Puppy Play Tag!"
  • "Who's the prettiest kitty you know? This kitty just loves it when you comb her fluffy hair."
  • "Cat me if you can! Help the floppy-eared puppy chase the kitty in a friendly game of tag."
  • "Sweet bluebird wants to play tag, too. Give her a little push and she "flies" circles around the birdbath. 'Round and 'round she goes!"

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Action
Ride'n Slide Hamsters™
  • Brown and white hamster; light aqua collar with silver paw-print
  • Brown and white hamster; light aqua collar with silver paw-print
  • Grey and white hamster; pink collar with silver paw-print
  • Grey and white hamster; pink collar with silver paw-print

    Note: I believe that all of the US versions came with two identical upright brown hamsters and two identical crouching grey hamsters. In other countries there were also only the two poses but there was a grey in the standing pose and a brown in the crouching pose giving you four different pets. I don't know of anyone who owns the grey or brown hamsters in the third pose pictured on the box. It was probably just a prototype.
  • Three transparent cages of different shapes with purple roofs; each connected with a short tunnel
  • Pink hamster ball
  • Green teeter-totter
  • Green merry-go-round inside one cage
  • Aqua hanging food dish
  • Pink, white, and beige litter
  • Label sheet
  • "Hamsters Ride In Merry-Go-Round!"
  • "Get ready for slip-slidin'fun! Slide a fun-loving hamster down the play tube and off he goes!"
  • "Let's have a ball! Open the exercise ball, pop a little hamster in, snap it shut and he's on a roll!"
  • "Little hamster lands on the tippy see-saw. Tilt it and...
    ...he slides through the second tube right smack onto the merry-go-round. Twist the merry-go-round top and give all the hamsters a free-for-all ride. Whee!"

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