Country Garden Nursery™ Playset

Name of Set Pet Description Playset and Accessory Description Action
Country Garden Nursery Playset
  • White and brown mommy dog with blue eyes; blue flower necklace with yellow paw-print
  • White and brown baby puppy; yellow flower necklace with blue paw-print
  • Grey mommy rabbit with blue eyes; yellow flower necklace with pink paw-print
  • White baby bunny; magenta flower necklace with yellow paw-print
  • Orange striped mommy cat with green eyes made out of squishy plastic; pink flower necklace with purple paw-print
  • Orange striped baby kitten; pink flower necklace with purple paw-print
  • Green plastic base
  • White plastic picket fence piece
  • Square yellow column
  • Pink roof with white rain gutter
  • Round purple washtub
  • Yellow trunk with purple lid
  • Purple swing hanging by green plastic "rope"

  • Green bucket
  • Yellow ball
  • Instructions [PDF]

    Note: The yellow ball is from the same mold as the Zoo Baby Tiger's toy
  • "Floral Scented Animals!
  • "Baby bunny just loves it when you help mommy push her in the garden swing. She wants to go higher and higher!"
  • "Spring showers are in the forecast! Pour a bucket of water onto the roof and it looks like it's raining on baby kitten in the washtub."
  • "Give mommy kitty a hand making bubbles in baby kitten's bath. Isn't bathtime fun?"
  • "Let's play ball! Can you help mommy pup hit the ball to her little one?"
  • "The ingredients used in this toy's perfume have been thoroughly tested. However, certain individuals may have infrequent instances of sensitivity. If irritation occurs, rinse with water and discontinue use."
  • "Assembly Required"

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