Plush Dazzling Hair Pets

"It's time to go to the beauty parlor... your beauty parlor. The Dazzling Hair Pets are your very special customers! Braid their hair, twist it, tie it with a pretty ribbon! With long, shimmery fantasy hair, these cuddly characters bring you hours of dazzling fantasy fun!"

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories
--Purple unicorn with long dark pink sparkly hair
--Long-handled pink brush
("Includes a styling comb!")
--White dog with long aqua blue sparkly hair
--Long-handled blue brush
("Includes a styling comb!")
--Dark pink cat with long light pink sparkly hair
--Long-handled light pink brush
("Includes a styling comb!")
--White spotted leopard with long white sparkly hair
--Long-handled ??? brush

The leopard has never been seen - it is not included in the promo photo for the advertising on the packaging. Likely a prototype.

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