Pal Around Pups

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Action
Prize Winning Pups
  • Black Scottie Puppy; red collar with silver paw-print
  • Beige Shih Tzu with pink bow; purple collar with silver paw-print
  • Grey and white Siberian Husky Puppy; teal blue collar with silver paw-print
  • Brown and white puppy; blue collar with silver paw-print

    Note: The Japanese version of this set has a white scottie with eyes painted in the dot style.

  • Aqua plastic carrier with violet door
  • Magenta plastic stage
  • Magenta plastic frame
  • Cardboard two-sided background
  • Yellow plastic trophy
  • White plastic bone
  • Red plastic dog coat/sweater
  • Violet bone-shaped grooming brush
  • Red food/water dish
  • Blue plastic leash
  • Blue plastic collar
  • Two (2) blue plastic ribbons (attach like collars/bows)
  • Label sheet
  • Instructions
  • "It's Time For A Pet Show!"
  • Brown and white dog lifts ear when tail is pushed down
  • Shih Tzu wags tail when pushed forward
  • Grey and white dog "chases" bone

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Action
Splash Happy Puppies
(UK: Splash Around Puppies)
  • Grey Poodle Puppy with blue eyes; hot pink collar with silver paw-print
  • White Terrier Puppy with purple eyes; silver paw-print
  • Brown Golden Retriever Puppy with brown eyes and muddy spot: blue collar with silver paw-print
  • Beige Pug Puppy with brown eyes made of squishy rubber; silver paw-print
  • Aqua plastic bathtub with yellow recirculating shower pump and yellow faucet
  • Pink plastic grooming table with mirror
  • Plastic bathmat (blue and white tile floor)
  • Purple hairdryer
  • Green goggles
  • Green sponge brush with long handle
  • Yellow bottle
  • Green bottle
  • Purple bottle
  • Purple bow
  • Green bow
  • Yellow duck
  • Label sheet
  • Instructions [PDF]
  • "It's Bathtime For These Fun-Loving Pups!"
  • "Splish, Splash, what's more fun than four puppies taking a bath? These special action puppies come with everything you need for hours of bathtime and grooming fun! They even come with a real shower, vanity, and lots of grooming accessories. They need you to give them a bath and play with them!
  • "Just put the dirty golden retriever in the tub, fill it with warm water, push down the faucet, and he will be showered with water. Watch as his mud spot magically washes away!"
  • "The adorable terrier loves to be shampooed! Remember to put on his googles to protect his eyes! Shampoo not included."
  • "Just squeeze the silly pug and he squirts his friends in the tub. He is so funny!"
  • "The little poodle shakes her head dry after playing in the tub."

Package Variation: In Europe these these sets had a different package design.

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