This is a page I've created to display some oddities/mysteries I've come across while making this site. Additional information and explanations are welcome! This graphic from a package sums up why describing each LPS set can be so very frustrating:

There are three different variations of the Zoo Baby Bobcat (or Lynx). There is the lighter one with the white belly, the lighter one with the white belly and white paws, and finally the darker one with the white belly. I'm not sure yet how this relates to the US Wilderness Pets (1993) vs. the Play With Me Pets (1994) vs. the European versions. The image above shows all three variations together (photo courtesy of Misty).

There is a way to know if you have the European version of this set: instead of the glittery purple/grey cave with a heart carved into it, you have the same cave with a hot pink heart on the back.

Here are the two different versions of the Sea Lion. The two-toned one is the most common. I've never seen the solid brownish one MOC. However, in the European catalog prototypes, the solid tan one has dark flippers along with a darker tip of tail.

These are the two different versions of the kitty with fleas from the Care Center playset. I don't think that either was rarer than the other... but this just shows a comparison of the two. :)

These are two of the most significantly different pets that were part of the same line. In the US the Desert Parakeet was a colorful bird that came with a clear cage with a blue lid. The inside terrain was pink with an orange cactus. In Europe, this one was also available. However, there was also a Falcon, which was a brown bird. It came with the same cage, but the terrain was tan with a green cactus. I have a pictures of Belgian/Netherlands MOC sets of both kinds, and there might be a chance that the Falcon might have been available in the US in the UK packaging.

So far I have seen two Color Change Chameleons on eBay that have this type of lid (green or aqua with slits). The normal one is light blue with paw-print shaped holes on top. This leads me to believe this isn't just a mix-up between two different sets (color-wise). They are also both the variant version, with the yellow cactus. *Update* I recently saw another of these on eBay (Australia) with some misc. accessories. I didn't see an iguana in the lot, and the cage it was attached to was clear (not red). So much for that theory. :-P

*More to come soon!*

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