Littlest Pet Show Party Kit Offer (UK)

"Have A Littlest Pet Show With Four Friends"

In the UK, it seems that some of their "Pet Presents" (and "Cosy Home Pets"?) were sold with a special offer attached to the box. After years of mystery as to what the special offer was actually for, KaibaGirl007 from the MLP Arena showed us theirs and offered it for sale. It seems to be a paper/cardboard kit for having a "Littlest Pet Shop" pet show with friends. Included are invitations, ribbons (stickers), an awards podium (must be folded), and a "judging arena" mat. Very cute! To receive this item, Paw Print Points and an amount to cover postage were mailed in ("One Purchase necessary plus 85p to cover postage and packaging. Closing date 31st March 1994").

Littlest Pet Shop Collector unicorn4484 now owns this particular item. It remains to be seen if more will turn up in the future. :)

Image of offer as seen on box. It is a rosette sticker/pamphlet that unfolds. Each pamphlet is a token.

Your Littlest Pet Shop Pet Show Party Kit will include:
3 Party Invitations
4 Sticker Sets - 1 for each of you
A Rosette Sticker Set
A Pet Show Judging Area
A Fold up Podium
A Party Planner

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