Hiding Places

"Mini Surprise Families™ are the newest addition to the Littlest Pet Shop™! They've made their happy homes in the most surprising places, giving new life to old teatpots, baskets and more. Collect them all and help fill all their tiny homes with the warmth of family love and happiness!"

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories The Brown Kids' Story:
Jewelry Box
  • Beth Brown - Brown bear wearing yellow shirt and green skirt
  • New Twin Brother and Sister - Two brown baby bears
  • Round violet jewelry box with aqua and yellow flowered lid
  • Yellow double stroller
  • Brown table w/two chairs
  • Dark blue boombox
"The Brown kids feel so lucky to be growing up in the beautiful, secret world of Gardenville™. When big sis, Beth Brown, doesn't have plans to meet her friends after school, she loves to play with her new twin brother and sister in the hapy playroom Pops Brown made for them out of a tiny, old jewelry box he found hidden away in the shed. Wouldn't you like to go for a stroll with them?"

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Baby Sally Hoppit's Story:
  • Grandma Hoppit - White rabbit wearing a blue and white dress
  • Baby Sally Hoppit - White baby bunny
  • Pale pink storybook house
  • Brown highchair
  • Pink bed with brown headboard
  • Black tea kettle
  • Brown spoon
  • Brown dresser
  • Pink baby rattle
"When Ma and Pa Hoppit are busy running hte family restaurant, Baby Sally Hoppit stays at home with her loving Grandma Hoppit to take care of her. Her cozy, little room is hidden inside a storybook that Ma Hoppit dusted off and fixed up into a bright, cheery place where Baby's favorite thing to do - of course - is have Grandma read stories to her at naptime. Why don't you stop by and listen in?"

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories The Waddle Children's Story:
  • Grandma Waddle - White duck wearing red dress
  • Henri - Yellow Duckling wearing blue outfit
  • Didi - Yellow duckling wearing pink dress
  • Blue purse home
  • Brown and pink double crib
  • Brown dresser
  • Red and blue train
  • Pink umbrella
"The playful Waddle children, Henri and Didi, love to come to Gardenville™ to visit their dear Grandma Waddle! She welcomes them with open arms to the loving home she made out of an old coin purse, and even set up a special bedroom for the twins, complete with a double crib they can share. If you'd like, you can help settle them down and tuck them in for sweet dreams!"

These sets seemed to have reused parts from both Kenner's Fairy Winkles (...they appear in a twinkle!) aka Folly Magic as well as Teeny Weeny Families by "Vivid Creations (• Love Them • Protect Them • Collect Them •).

In other countries Fairy Winkles were also known as Folly Magic. The alternate names for Teeny Weeny Families are Mini Sweety (Ideal) and !Piccini Picciò (GiG).
Teeny Weeny FamiliesFairy Winkles

Name of Set Notes
Jewelry Box
This set seems to have reused the jewelry box mold from the "Hide 'N Play Jewelry Box"™" Fairy Winkles set and the figures furniture, and accessories seem to come from the Teeny Weeny Families™ "Brown Family Pack" and another (unknown name) Brown Family pack [Link].

Name of Set Notes
This set seems to have book compact from the "Special Friends Address Book"™" Fairy Winkles set.The furniture and figures seems to be similar to those that came from an (unknown name) Hoppit Family pack [Link] and an (unknown name) Nibbles Family pack [Link].

Name of Set Notes
This set seems to have reused the purse compact from the "Winkle Treasures Purse™" Fairy Winkles set and the figures and accessories from the Teeny Weeny Families™ "Waddle Family Pack" [Link].

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