Kennel Playcase

Name of Set Pet Description Playset Description Accessories Action
Kennel Playcase
--Blue carry case with many shelves inside to store your pets
--Large front window and smaller window in molded-on door
--Magenta awning
--Magenta handle
--Magenta nursery gate
--Round white basket with purple cushion
--Neon pink leash with yellow collar
--Lime green counter with magenta birdstand
--Two white bags (food and kitty litter)
--Pink box (food)
--Yellow box (food)
--Pink bone
--Purple hair dryer
--Yellow Brush
--Purple food/water dish with brown food
--Orange food dish with dark brown food
--Purple Bottle
--Orange Bottle
--Purple Can
--"Come on in to the Littlest Pet Shop Kennel Playcase! It's a friendly home away from home for your favorite little pets to stay and play all day and night! There's always something fun to do. You can groom them so they look their prettiest, serve all their favorite foods, care for the tiniest ones in the nursery, and even take your most playful pets for walks with their own special leash. The fun never ends."

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