Other Littlest Pet Shop Items

Littlest Pet Shop Jewelry:

Item Description
Puppy Watch (1994)

--Digital wrist watch
--Made by Hope Industries
Kitty Watch ???

--There is very likely a kitty watch as well (mentioned on Tabby's LPS guide)

Littlest Pet Shop School Supplies:

Item Description
Lunchbox w/Thermos
-Aqua (or purple) lunchbox with Littlest Pet Shop logo and pet shop animals making and decorating cookies.
-White with Aqua (or purple) cup; Littlest Pet Shop logo and two puppies on light pink and dark pink striped background. There is also a white thermos LPS logo and yellow cup. Do not know if it came with a different style lunchbox.
Pink Lunchbox (European?)
-Pink Littlest Pet Shop Lunchbox.
-Advertised on the back cover of the Merlin Stickerbook
-Was it ever actually available? (One person remembers attempting to order it but being unsuccessful)
Pink Soft Lunch Bag (1993)
Pink soft lunchbox with zipper and blue strap. Picture of animals in a picnic scene around the Littlest Pet Shop logo. Caption reads "Sometimes being little IS a picnic!"
Bookbag (1993)
Pink bag with picture of animals hanging onto a blue ribbon with the Littlest Pet Shop logo in the center. Caption reads "First Prize in Any Size!"

Littlest Pet Shop Play House and Sleeping Bag:

Item Description
Play House
-Pink and blue tent
Sleeping Bag

Littlest Pet Shop Dinnerware:

Item Description
Children's Dinnerware Set
(1) Plate - decorated with Shows Littlest Pet Shop animals at a picnic."A Little Fun Makes Life a Treat!" 8" in diameter.
(2) Bowl - decorated with Littlest Pet Shop animals in a soup bowl
(3) Cup - "Little on Size, Big on Cute!"
Child's Flatware
Shows Littlest Pet Shop animals on silverware handles

Littlest Pet Shop Ceramic Mug and Egg Cup

Item Description
Littlest Pet Shop Mug
--Ceramic mug with UK Littlest Pet shop logo. Also reads "Kinnerton Confectionary." I have seen packages from other licensed brands that included two foil wrapped chocolate eggs sold with a matching mug and egg cup.
Littlest Pet Shop Egg Cup
--Shows various pets. Made by Tonka (1994)

The thought of these being chocolate/Easter items may also be supported by the memory of somone named Tari:

"As I was wandering the shops looking at all the novelty eggs I remembered something that wasn't listed on the LPS list site that I recall getting as a gift all those years ago, and I was wondering if anyone else ever got one of the big Littlest Pet Shop easter eggs."

"I kid you not, I dunno if they were just an australian release (though I can't understand why that would be) but I remember getting a very large egg and in the top of the box were two surprise animals. I had a leopard/cheetah/some sort of spotted cat and something else, though I can't remember for the life of me what it was."

"The animals which came with the egg were smaller than the normal petshops, about an inch high at the most."

Littlest Pet Shop Books:

Title Author(s) Description
Fun All Day!
P.Z.Mann and Che Rudko
Janet Jones (Illustrator)
Golden Little Look-Look Book
Random House Childrens Books
ISBN: 0307117170
Sept 1994

Title Author(s) Description
A Big Color/Activity Book
--A coloring book.

Littlest Pet Shop Party Items:

Item Description
--Includes 1 paper tablecloth.
--Shows various pets baking goodies.
--Includes 8 party blowouts.
--Shows monkey and kitten on top of the Littlest Pet Shop logo.
--Includes 8 paper cups.
--Shows pets holding decorating cookies with icing.
--Includes 8 paper napkins
--Shows various pets baking goodies.
--Includes 8 invitations with mailing envelopes.
--Shows several pets surrounded by sprinkles around a pastry bag writing "Party" in pink icing.

Littlest Pet Shop Crafts:

Item Description
Sticker Art Set
-Adorable Littlest Pet Shop characters to color.
Something to Do Activity Set (1995)
-Color, create, and decorate with Littlest Pet Shop activies!
Loveable Latchhooks (1995)
-Make this cozy rug yourself!
Pretty Pony Tales Storybook Laceup
-Sew with the color plastic tipped lacing yarn

Bucilla Special Edition
Stamped Goods for the Nursery (1994):

*Floss not included.

Item Description
Pre Quilted Crib Cover
  • When finished reads "Small Size Big Dreams"
  • Finished size is approximately 30" x 43"

Quilt Top
  • Finished size is approximately 34" X 42"

Sheet & Pillowcase
--When finished shows ABC's and baby animals.

Stamped Cross Stitch Birth Record
--When finished shows baby animals climbing blocks.

Stamped Bibs
--Peek-A-Boo Bunny (?????)
--On Top Of My Heart (64268)

Littlest Pet Shop Linens:

Item Description
--Pink with logo

Littlest Pet Shop Easy-Bake Bake Set:

Item Description
Easy-Bake Bake Set
--Bake & Decorate 10 Favorite Animal Shapes!


Item Description
--Flor' purchased these postcards off of eBay. I do not know where they originated from or if there are others. Any information is welcome!

Storytime Reusable Stickers:

Item Description
Reusable Stickers (1995)
--Various sets of Littest Pet Shop stickers (Candy Jar, Fun Palette, Pastry Delight, and Picnic Adventure). Also included in the package is a corresponding storyboard to use the stickers on (static cling).

Other Misc. Littlest Pet Shop Items:

Item Description
Coin Bank
--In the shape of the Pet Shop; pets are on windowsills and doorstep
Pink Waste Bin (European?)
-Pink Littlest Pet Shop plastic trash can.
-Advertised on the back cover of the Merlin Stickerbook
-Was it ever actually available? (One person remembers attempting to order it but being unsuccessful).
Littest Pet Shop Radio Drama Cassette Tape

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