Royal Palace Ponies

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Action
Royal Palace Ponies
  • Yellow pony with long sparkly purple hair; sparkly aqua collar and pink jewel paw-print brand on side
  • Pink pony with orange hair containing tinsel; blue halter with clear jewel paw-print brand on side
  • Pink dog with long aqua tail; aqua collar with aqua paw-print
  • Dark pink bird; yellow collar with yellow paw-print

    Note: The pink pony pictured on the box has PURPLE hair, and the yellow pony has BLONDE hair. These versions must have been prototypes, as it seems that neither were ever released.
  • Two different aqua hair decorations [link]
  • Transparent sparkly blue castle front
  • White carriage with purple top and wheels
  • Aqua and gold saddle (attaches to carriage)
  • Pale aqua saddle
  • Green brush
  • "Lots Of Beautiful, Long, Flowing Hair!"
  • "These beautiful ponies and their carriage are at your service! See how this pretty (pink) pony bows politely when you press down on her back."
  • "The ponies love it when you style their flowing hair with the little brush! Add their sparkly hair decorations for an extra-special touch."
  • "Puppy wants to take a stroll around the palace! Harness one pony up (yellow) and you can pull them along for a fun-filled ride."
  • "Little bird doesn't want to miss out on the fun. Perch her atop pony's saddle and she'll go along for the ride!"
  • "The Most Dazzling Pets Ever!"

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