Hair Decoration Guide

One of the most frustrating obstacles towards completing the Sparkling Ponies (and one Dazzling Hair) sets is finding the elusive "sparkling" pony hair decorations. Not only were they so very easy to lose, but in many instances no one can remember which went with what set (or even that they came with Littlest Pet Shop at all!) So, here is a guide to the hair accessories for these sets. Please note that these pictures are not to scale. Most are enlarged to show detail. Many thanks go to Leah, unicorn4484, flipdat, and Alie on the Kenner Littlest Pet Shop Forum for providing me with these images of their collections. Also, if anyone has any information to add or additional images to contribute, feel free to contact me!

Sparkling Ponies (1994)
Pinto Pony

Notes: On the packaging, this decoration is pictured orange.

Crystal Pony

Sky Blaze Pony

Notes: Identify this decoration based on its shape - it's the only glittery one having 11 points with the slit cut through one of them. The color is EXTREMELY variable. It is usually 2 or 3 of the following colors: purple, pink, green, blue, and gold.

Mystic Pony

Notes: This pony only came with ONE (1) decoration, usually the purple. The orange starburst seems to have been a (German?) variation. This decoration is same cut-out shape as the Sky Blaze Pony's decoration.

Sparkling Pony Pairs (1994)
Sweetheart Ponies
with Moonglow Stable

Notes: The blue decoration is glittery
The purple decoration attaches with velcro.
Champion Ponies
with Jumping Contest

Notes: Both attach with velcro
Prancing Parade Ponies
with Treasure Trunk

Notes: The pearly purple decoration attaches by velcro (stitched on).

Sparkling Pony Pairs (1995)
Royal Carriage Ponies

Ice Palace Ponies

Notes: Identical or VERY similar to those with Royal Palace Ponies.

Sparkling Pony Babies (1995)
Lil' Saddle Filly

Lil' Wash 'N Pretty Filly

Lil' Brush 'N Grow Filly

Notes: From a German Ruby. Seems to be made of the similar material as Royal Carriage Pony hair decorations. I do not know if the decoration shown on the package (see below) exists. Is the German one a variant?

Lil' Magic Drinkin' Filly


Dazzling Hair Pets (1996)
Royal Palace Ponies

Notes: Identical or VERY similar to those with Ice Palace Ponies.

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