Sparkling Pony Pairs

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Action
Royal Carriage Ponies
--Black pony with white hair; dark blue harness and dark pink jewel paw-print brand on side
--Brown pony with white legs and black hair with emerald strands; magenta harness and emerald jewel paw-print brand on side
--Beige dog; pink collar with silver paw-print
-- Pink hair decoration [link]
-- Blue hair decoration [link]
-- White carriage with purple wheels and top
-- Pink comb
-- Pink brush
-- Shiny teal food container (cup)
-- Shiny aqua saddle with gold trim
-- Pink and gold blanket/cover
-- "Ponies Bow Or Pull Carriage"

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Action
Ice Palace Ponies
--White pony with sparkly white hair; blue harness and pink jewel on side
--Light gray pony with white hair with pink sparkles; purple harness and blue jewel on side
--Red bird; yellow collar with yellow paw-print
-- Two different light blue glittery hair decorations [link]
--Transparent blue castle front with glitter and snow-covered tree attached; swing-out door
--Light pink comb
--Light pink brushes
--Shiny pink blanket
--Blue saddle
-- "Ponies Prance Or Give Bird A Ride!"

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