Pup'n Kitty Clubs™

"Each set comes with 5 pups or kitties and fun accessories! Kitty club has a treehouse with lots of play areas. Pup club is a great place for awards and rescues!"

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Action
Clubhouse Kitties™
  • White cat; blue collar with silver paw-print (velcro on tummy)
  • White cat with orange patches and fluffy tail; light blue collar with silver paw-print (magnetic)
  • Grey cat standing on hind legs with dark gray front and fluffy tail; magenta collar with silver paw-print
  • Dark grey/black kitten with white muzzle and tail, sitting; silver paw-print on neck
  • Dark grey/black kitten with white belly and tail, sprawled; silver paw-print on neck
  • Plastic tree (dark brown at bottom and light brown at time) with three detachable branches; velcro along one side
  • Neon pink rubber tire on orange string
  • Three purple tree platforms
  • Neon pink yarnball (magnetic)
  • Flat oval-shaped yellow/gold food/water dish
  • Neon pink skateboard with green wheels*
  • Blue and white striped house
  • Cardboard cut-out from box (garden trail)

    *Note: The skateboard on the box is green with pink wheels. I believe this is a varient. I don't know which version is the most common.
  • "Rescue The Kitten Stuck In Tree!"
  • "Welcome to the club! Meet the Clubhouse Kitties™, who have rough 'n tumble play all day at their fun treehouse. But if the fun gets out of hand and a careless kitten gets in a jam, the club bands together to come to the rescue. Won't you lend them a hand?"

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Action
Fearless Friends Puppy Club™
  • St. Bernard; brown dog with white tail and legs; no collar
  • Brown dog with fluffy tail; red collar with silver paw-print
  • Dalmatian; yellow collar with silver paw-print
  • White puppy; pink collar with silver paw-print
  • Black and white puppy; lavender collar with silver paw-print
  • Blue awards stage
  • Pink doghouse with purple roof
  • Bone (magnetic)
  • Red fire hydrant
  • Blue and gold award ribbons
  • Purple "cape" (for St. Bernard)
  • "Rescue The Pup in Danger!"

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