Star Styles Pet Salon Playset

"There's glamour in the air--at the Star Styles Pet Salon™! It's the one place where you can make your favorite pets look their absolute cutest in the hair salon and dressing area, then put on a big fashion show for all to enjoy! The Salon is full of two friendly pets, pretty fashions, and adorable accessories for endelss dress-up play!"

Name of Set Pet Description Playset and Accessory Description Action
Star Style Pet Salon
  • Yellow dog with fluffy yellow tail; purple collar with silver paw-print

  • White mouse; pale blue collar with silver paw-print
  • Aqua salon playset with with pink door and runway

  • Purple vanity with mirror
  • Magenta seat
  • Purple magnetic wand
  • Black fabric leather jacket
  • Pink fabric skirt
  • Pink and green flower wreath necklace
  • Green leash

    Neon Green or Teal Blue Accessories
  • Collar
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Small bow with tag
  • Glasses
  • Short bottle

    Yellow or Orange Accessories
  • Large bow
  • Tall bottle
  • Hair dryer
  • Scissors

  • Cardboard runway insert (cut from box) [Scan]
  • Label sheet
  • Instructions [PDF]
  • "Help Puppy Move Down Runway With Magic Modeling Action!"

  • "Plus! Hair Salon And Dress-Up Area for Glamorous Makeovers!

  • "Puppy's read for his makeover! Style his fluffy tail 'til it looks just right. Then, doll up all the other LITTLEST PET SHOP pets you own.

  • "New clothes complete the makeover! Dress puppy in his cool 'leather' jacket and he's ready to show off."

  • "Look who's steppin' out! Pup loves to model on the fashion show runway. Isn't he glamorous?"

  • "Take puppy for a little walk after the show! Plus, you can use the handy collar and leash to let your other pets model up and down the stage."

    Note: Collectors of G1 and G2 My Little Pony will recognize this playset as being a recolor of the 1983 "Pretty Parlor" Playset. "My Pretty Parlor" playset, another similar set, was released in 1997.

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