"Enter the beautiful gates and discover a magical home for all your Zoo friends! You'll find the perfect spot for each of your Zoo pets -- a wintry playland, a feeding area, a petting zoo, a safari land, plus lots of fun pet-sized accessories!"

Name of Set Pet Description Playset and Accessory Description Action
Zoo Playset

(UK: Zoo Carrycase)
(Italy: Parco di Cucciolandia)
  • Pets Not Included
  • Beige plastic playcase with purple carry handle* and slide latches
  • Purple plastic front decoration*
  • Two (2) purple plastic front gates
  • Two (2) aqua plastic barn doors
  • Aqua plastic awning
  • Purple plastic interior shelf*
  • Aqua plastic interior shelf
  • Green plastic grass base (frame)
  • Two (2) brown plastic tree trunks (frame)
  • Green plastic tree top (frame)
  • Two (2) removable pieces of green plastic tree top foliage
  • Two-sided cardboard scenery [ Side 1 | Side 2 ]

  • Purple plastic chest
  • Two large bags with labels*
  • Small bale of hay*
  • Bag of peanuts*
  • Solid-colored bucket of fruit*
  • Bamboo stick*
  • Bunch of bananas*
  • Two fish*
  • Cardboard grassy playmat (cut from box) [Scan]
  • Label sheet
  • Instructions [PDF]

    Note: The accessories marked with an asterisk (*) were those that came in varying colors: either bright yellow, aqua, and hot pink. Of these nine small pieces, there should be 3 of each color. The distribution between sets was apparently completely random.
    "5 Play Areas For Your Zoo Pets
    "A Magical Place For Your Zoo Friends!"

Package Variation: In Europe these this playset had a different package design.

*Playset Variation: In Italy, the playset case used hot pink instead of purple (1995).

The shape of this playset may seem somewhat familiar to some My Little Pony (G2)fans. A similar case was seen in 1997 - the "Pony Garden Playcase" by Kenner/Hasbro.

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