The Shamu Family Playset™

"With the LITTLEST PET SHOP Shamu Family Playset™, you can have action-packed, splash-filled fun just like at Sea World! The entire Shamu family--Papa Shamu, Mama Namu and Baby Shamu--can't wait to show off for you in their light-up pool! Plus, you can connect all the Sea World Stars™ bases to the playset for an entire world that glows and glows!"

Name of Set Pet Description Accessories Action
The Shamu Family Playset™
    Papa Shamu
  • Black and white father whale
    Mama Namu
  • Black and white mother whale made of squishy plastic
    Baby Shamu
  • Black and white baby whale
  • Violet plastic base with flat top; battery cover on bottom
  • Transparent blue pool
  • Transparent blue slide
  • Diving wheel
  • Small pink plastic squid
  • Pink dish of pearlized blue fish
  • Cardboard "Sea World" backdrop (cut from box)
  • Instructions [PDF]

  • Requires 4 "C" alkaline batteries (not included).
  • If bulb burns out, replace with a PR12 bulb.
  • "Splashy, Light-Filled Excitement Just Like At Sea World!"
  • "Papa Shamu opens and closes his mouth like he is eating when you press and release his dorsal fin. Maybe Papa would like a tasty squid for a snack!"
  • "Help Mama Namu play by squeezing her sides, holding her mouth in water, and then releasing to fill her up. Then, give Mama a little squeeze and she squirts a stream of water out of her mouth just like a real whale does. Watch out, you might get wet!"
  • "Place the slide on the side of the pool so you can slide Baby Shamu into the water."
  • "Now the family plays together! Place any two of the family on the diving wheel and twirl the knob to help them dive in the pool again and again. What a wonderfully splashy game of chase!"

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