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Kidgetts were dolls produced by Meritus Industries Inc. around 1989-90. They are marked M.I.I. (MII). The boxes are marked © 1989 Meritus ® Industries Inc. Livingston, N.J. 07039 Made in China. For ages 4 and Up. Some are marked 1990. I have heard them described as Polly Pocket knock-offs or prototypes... which I think is false since they were released the same year as Polly Pocket. They also look a lot like Liddle Kiddles.

"Kidgetts™ ..... Just like you and your friends, yet very special. They are micro-sized which is exceptionally unique! Kidgetts™ are very cool teenagers. They are terrific athletes smart students and hard workers. Kidgetts™ think their families are super special and their friends are especially great! Their exquisite micro detail is so clear that it is fun to examine the dolls under a magnifying glass. Today's kids are tomorrow's leaders. Kidgetts™ like you, want the world to be a better place to live so they try very hard to do the absolute best they can in everything they do. They are special kids just like you! There are many, many Kidgetts™ and it would be a blast to collect them all!"

Known Doll Checklist:
Diana Hill
Patty Jones
Muffy Anderson
Beth Johnson (Tennis Player)
Joanie Young
Sue Douglas
Cindy Thomas (Gymnast)
Linda Reed (Pilot Trainee)
Donna Reilly (Aerobic Workout)
Trisha Ritter (Rollerskater)
Jennifer Weston (Prom Night)
Chrissy Lake (Skier)
Mary Cook (Summer Casual)
Sandy Wilson
Angie Smith
Michele Brown
Samantha Madison
Erica Nelson
Sherry Martin
Sharon Russell (Slacks Set)
Missy Carter (Bridesmaid)
April Graham (Drum Majorette)
Pamela Mills (Cheerleader)
Wendy Miller

This is the stand and comb that comes with each doll. The dolls themselves are about 1 3/4" tall.

A different color of the comb. I have never seen a MOC doll with this comb before.

Known Doll Packs:

  • Micro Poseable Doll(s)
  • Individual Biography Card(s), Storybook & Doll Clip-on stand(s) are all included.
  • Hair styling guide and comb to create many exciting looks.
*Can be single or double doll packs.

Pamela Mills

Mary Cook

Missy Carter

Beth Johnson

Trisha Ritter

Linda Reed

Sharon Russell

Jennifer Weston

Donna Reilly and Cindy Thomas
Asst. No. 15040

Chrissy Lake and Missy Carter
Asst No. 15040

Diana Hill and Joanie Young

Pendant Jewel
Pendant with Micro Doll - I saw this set on eBay recently. It is definitely very similar to Liddle Kiddles

Micro Fashions - These sets included a doll wearing white "underwear." Included were several different pieces of fabric clothing to dress the doll with. There was also a comb and a stand.

Known Playsets:

  • Micro doll collectibles with poseable micro doll
  • Clip-on doll stand, comb, hair styling guide and storybook included.

Name of Set Description
Trim Gym
Stopwatch and Workout Center

Name of Set Description
Room To Groom
Jewel and Powderpuff Room

Name of Set Description
Ballet Today
Toe Shoes and Ballet Theatre

***I have a loose playset shaped like an aqua pocketbook, but I do not know the name of this set.

I found this watch set on eBay, but do not know it's name either.


Name of Set Description
Picture Pretty Micro House
--27 Pieces of Furniture

Name of Set Description
Sports Car
*This is the only set I had as a child. I lost the doll at preschool. There might also be a light blue version of the car. I have never seen it other than in a picture on the internet. I think the car is a little Miata.

E-mail me if you have any more information about these dolls. Most of the information I have so far has come from eBay and my own personal collection and memories.

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